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Two months

Marking a minor milestone

I passed my two-month mark of writing a new post every day.

Sort of.

I have holes I need to fill. Stories that need to be finished.

But in a few months (weeks even), no one will know this (unless, of course, they find this post).

I set out on this journey because I wanted to write, share, and put down some things I’ve learned along the way. I wanted to practice every day and put it out there—even if no one was looking (maybe, because no one was looking). I wanted to practice what I teach.

It’s never gone smoothly. Some days, I didn’t have the internet. Some days, I never know what to write. Some days, I’d been too busy.

But I decided to show up still and do it—even if it was late or wasn’t my best.

Over time, I’ve become more comfortable with the work and words. Maybe one day, it’ll even feel normal.

This victory is small. 60+ days—one-sixth of a year—of showing up and doing the work.

Here is to the next 60.