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When we lose faith, we forget

If you are a writer, one of the best feelings in the world amounts to either one of these:

  1. Tapping at the keys on your keyboard
  2. Moving a pen over the page.

So simple and so powerful because other processes build from it.

It gets our brains working. We start imagining, we start problem solving. Our emotions connect to the words and we get excited.

But when we lose faith in ourselves, we forget about this . We worry about failure and the fear that we are going to make crap.

It is no longer about the process and all about the result.

But writing is about the action, not the result.

The best solution to conquering the fear, is to pick up the pen or to sit at the keyboard and begin to write through it. Write through the fear and the crap and bring it back to the process.

Everything else will come with time.


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