Work While Standing

Okay, I wasn’t going to post this but I have decided to hell with it because I like it, I agree with it, and I do it.

37signals (yes, I know, not another mention of these guys, again) had a post about standing while working: Standing versus Sitting.

This is something I do sometimes while I edit. My computer is set up in the kitchen so that you can step up to it, check something, and walk away or sit at the wooden bar stool for those serious web-surfing days.

I also tend not to stay still while I edit. I move around and think as I work. I will go wash dishes or make food or when I am working in 15 minutes bursts, I move away and come back as I clean the house.

I also revert to a little move when our daughter was a baby, which was a bouncing two step to get her to sleep at night. I don’t know why I do it, it just happens.

I don’t think standing while working is the only way. (I like to sit on a comfy couch for a first draft of a script) but I definitely understand the recent interest in it.

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