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Writing and Writing Well

(Before you read, here is a note from David in Feb 2021.)

It’s easy to confuse these two.

When you want to tell a story, you want to write, and you want it to be good, so you don’t get laughed at or ridiculed.

But there is a big difference between writing and writing good. If you are not writing at all, writing good comes later. It is the goal that you are always trying to achieve.

You need to do the first step (writing) to move to the second step (writing good). Don’t confuse those two things, even though we always do.

Writing gives you practice, makes you aware of what you are able to do, and what you need to improve. It teaches the craft of writing far better than reading any book (although books can help you zero in on what needs to be improved).

Quit worrying about writing good and just start writing.