A guide to Discord

If you are new to Discord, use this as an introduction to using it.

‼️ If you haven't signed up for our Discord, please do so now.

Once you've signed up, you'll notice three panels:

The left panel connects you to different communities. If this is your first time on Discord, you will likely only have our community, which is the one with the fingers on the keyboard.

The center panel is where you'll find the channels within that community.

Each person's access will be different, but you should have one for announcements, class discussion, and random discussion. As the class begins, you will also be added to a group.

‼️After signing up, you'll only have access to the Welcome channel. We'll be adding you to the Film 210 - Fall 2023 group throughout the day. If you want it sooner, please direct message me.

The right panel is the discussion within the channel you have clicked on. You can scroll up and down through the discussion to see what has been said.

Where to find your group

Your group is listed in the center panel beneath class-discussion-fall-2023 and random-fall-2023.

This is a screenshot from my screen. You won't have as many groups.

If you can't see any of these channels, it may mean you are in direct messages (see the section below). To switch back to the other screen, click the icon on the left-hand side with the hands on the keyboard.

This should get you to the correct screen.

Uploading your script

When it is time for you to upload your script, save it as a PDF to your computer or device. Place it somewhere you can find it later.

If you are uploading from a phone or tablet:

  • Go to your group and click the plus button "+" to the left of the text input.
  • Click "Files" and then select the PDF from wherever you saved it.
  • Tap "Open" (or whatever selects the file) to open it in Discord.
  • Tap send (the paper airplane icon) so that it uploads to your group.

Uploading on a PC is almost exactly the same. Click the "plus" button, select the file, and upload it to your group.

Meeting with David

If you have a meeting booked with me, you can find the channel to meet in the left-hand panel. It is labeled "class-meeting-room."

Direct Messaging

If you want to send a direct message to me, you can click on the button indicated below by the arrow.

Once you've entered the Direct Messages page, select the search bar at the top and type in "David Gane" then click my name.

Changing your server nickname

If you've used Discord previously or have a nickname that doesn't match the name the university has on file, please help the instructor know who you are.

You can change your server nickname by clicking on the 3 dots at the top of the screen.

Then click on "Edit Server Profile."

Then change your nickname.

If you can't see this selection, make sure that you have chosen "Server Profile," and not "User Profile."

Still having trouble?

If you have any further questions or notice areas in this guide that could use more detail, please reach out to me on Discord or by email.