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An Ongoing List of Favorite Descriptions

  • MAX, 17, is a pirate in ripped jeans.
  • MARK ZUCKERBERG is a sweet-looking 19-year-old whose lack of any physically intimidating attributes masks a complicated and dangerous anger.
  • WARDEN SAMUEL NORTON strolls forth, a colorless man in a gray suit and a church pin in his lapel. He looks like he could piss ice water.
  • In the center of a mess of quills, paper, and books, JEAN, 24, sits and enjoys a small feast at his desk. He is a portly man, the third son of a noble, and his chin is stained with wine and pig grease.
  • FIONA, 23, whose usually unruly hair has been tamed just this once, sits on her living room couch.
  • GWEN, 23, stands in the open doorway with her bags under her arms. Organized to the extreme, the apartment is her nightmare.
  • RICK, 22, leans against the kitchen counter. He wears the hollow smile of a man who hasn’t had enough sleep.
  • EVELYN COLLINS, 17, who exudes confidence and carries herself like the CEO of her own destiny, walks into the cafe.
  • JEELA (17), who could tell why you were wrong before you even finished the sentence, packs a suitcase filled with more books than clothes.
  • TOM (35), wears a shark tooth necklace proudly and walks a fine line between arrogance and confidence.
  • MARIA (25) braids the young girl's hair. Her heavy makeup does little to disguise the exhaustion on her face.
  • WILLIAM (38), sits in one of the chairs. He is a shark in blood-infested water, perfect for a defence lawyer.