Working With David

You’ve had a story in your head for a while and want to get on the page.

Or maybe you’ve already started writing, but you’re doubting yourself or feeling lost.

It sucks. It’s stressful, and it’s not fun.

That’s where I come in.

I’ve helped hundreds of writers tell their stories, shape their structure, craft their words, or work through their writer’s block.

As your coach, I will listen, guide, and support you.

It’s time to write your story.

About me

I’ve been helping writers for almost 15 years.

At the start, I founded a local screenwriters’ group and taught several classes at the local film pool. I loved it and wanted to do more.

I went back to school to get my Masters in Fine Arts and now teach screenwriting at the University of Regina.

But I didn’t stop. I became a novelist and the co-author of an internationally award-winning YA murder mystery series, and served as the writer-in-residence at the Regina Public Library for a year.

But why? What set me on this path?

Long ago, I struggled too. Before I began teaching and writing, I was blocked and needed guidance. I lost many years dreaming of the stories I wanted to tell.

Now my goal is to help others get their words on the page, whether it’s a work of fiction, non-fiction, a screenplay, poem, play, or essay.

David Gane is a wonderful writing instructor, and I feel lucky to have been in his classes. I genuinely feel my writing has improved greatly because of his influence. 
— Laura P.
David’s style of teaching was very refreshing and engaging.... He thoroughly uplifted people’s creativity and created an environment that fosters different opinions—not to mention that he genuinely cares about the people in his classes. 
— Calic T.

How I work

Although I’ve written mainly fiction and screenplays, I’ve worked with writers from many disciplines. I may not have all your answers, but I’ll do my darndest to help.

My specialty is structure, whether at the story level or in scenes and beats. Understanding its principles can often guide you through most issues of character, plot, and meaning.

I don’t have a set program or course. We’ll meet remotely and talk about the challenges you’re facing in your writing. I’ll review small samples of your work and give you notes, which we’ll discuss together. We’ll continue to grow and adapt as your writing develops.

David is extremely dedicated to his craft, always giving attention to the finest details, and always challenging himself with each new project.... His creative process never takes a break.”
— Lucas F

What you can expect

Basic membership offers one hour of monthly meetings, which you can schedule in 60- or 30-minute sessions. If you need more, there is an option to upgrade.

My role is to coach and help you. That means listening to the challenges you face and offering useful advice. But I may also see things you don’t see in your words and sentences or the shape of your storytelling. My goal is to help you tell the story you want to tell clearly and cleanly.

I believe in communication. I want you to have your say. If you disagree with my suggestions, I want to hear what you have to say. I’ll also let you know if I don’t think I’m the right person for the job.

I am here to listen and guide you. To help you reach your intended audience with the story you want to tell.

David was a fantastic professor. I was nervous and intimidated by the weekly meetings at first, but he is so friendly, personable, and easy to talk to. He was always kind, made an effort to get to know me and my life and goals, and was very encouraging of my writing and my ideas. — Student
David Gane is passionate about writing, and it came through in his questions and feedback. — Student

What you need to bring

Bring your ideas and creativity.

You don’t need to bring any writing at the start. Sometimes the creative challenge is just getting the words on the page, and that’s okay.

If you do have writing, I can provide initial feedback and advice, which we will use to build a plan that you can work towards.

In the end, writing is about trying things and exploring ideas. Show up on the page, and do the work. Most importantly, trust that you are a writer, no matter how challenging it may seem.

I’m here to help.

Not ready to sign up? I also have single 30-minute times available.