My first posts

I first started posting on Tumblr in May 2007.

I shared family stuff and links until I eventually started writing about writing. Usually, it was about trying to convince people to write. A lot of it is uncomfortable to read now—a little too cocky and unsympathetic to people's challenges.

And at some point, I quit. Quit blogging about family, links, and writing. I'd pick it up occasionally, post some more, and then stop again. I'd switch services—hopping around and hoping I'd start posting again.

Then I did newsletters on Ghost, on this website, before I abandoned it too. And then, almost a year ago, I started posting daily. Mostly about writing, trying to help people write. I've grown over that time, learning to show up and find my voice.

What if I had kept writing back in 2007? What if I had posted something every day until now?

That would be around 5840 blog posts. Where would I have grown as a writer? What opportunities would have come from it?

I'm often the person who figures things out about ten or fifteen years later than everyone else. Then I spend the rest of my time trying to help people not lose that time in their lives.

So if you want to write a blog—do it. If you want to write a book—do it. Don't be shy, don't be embarrassed. Do it, practice, learn, and grow. Don't waste a second more. Embrace the thing you want because you'll only get better.