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A drawing of a hand holding a compass
A drawing of a hand holding a compass by Anna Gane, based on photo by Ethan Sykes.

Hi there,

This is my first newsletter in over six weeks, so I thought I’d keep it light. Here are five things I'm sharing this week:

  1. Where I’ve been.
  2. Getting older and slower.
  3. From 68 bits of unsolicited advice: “Hatred is a curse. It only poisons the hater. Release a grudge as if it was a poison.”
  4. I am not the only one thinking rethinking my approach to books and publishing: The one where writing books is not really a good idea from Elle Griffin.
  5. My favourite bit from this list of writing advice from Annie Dillard:
“Faulkner wrote As I Lay Dying in six weeks . . . Some people lift cars, too. Some people enter week-long dog-sled races, go over Niagara Falls in barrels, fly planes through the Arc de Triomphe. Some people feel no pain in childbirth. Some people eat cars. There is no call to take human extremes as norms.”

That's it for this week. It means the world to me that you subscribe to this email. I always look forward to sending it out—even if it takes me a few days.



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The Shepherd and Wolfe mysteries
The Shepherd and Wolfe mysteries