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An Ongoing List to Generate Story Ideas

Let me know if you have any more ideas.
  • Personal experiences
  • AI photo generator
  • Browse Unsplash.
  • Browse DeviantArt.
  • Other movies or stories. Don’t steal or use the copyrighted material, but piggyback off them into a different story.
  • Vent. Rant. Pick a fight with something that upsets you.
  • Free-writing (at least 500 words before you give up)
  • Mind mapping
  • Write for ten minutes. If nothing comes, take a walk, then try again.
  • Write the dumbest/worst piece of writing you can think of.
  • Write about a character in a movie that is a secondary character.
  • Write a long list of nouns of things that interest you. Visit when you need an idea.
  • Keep an idea journal.
  • Brainstorm with a friend.
  • Write random stuff down during the day, and hopefully, something will work.
  • Doodle
  • Watch people in the park.
  • Listen to music.
  • Play video games.
  • A random word generator
  • News articles
  • Wikipedia deep dives
  • Staring at the screen until something hits.
  • r/WritingPrompts
  • r/SimplePrompts
  • 642 Things to Write About
  • What is are your character's worries, hopes, or fears. Or what are your own and how can you spin it into a story?


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