Coming back to work

Hello. It’s been a while.

I’m supposed to be doing a newsletter right now. It’s half-finished and sort of long, but while I was journalling this morning, I realized I just wanted to send out a short, quick note.

After I finished teaching last month, I planned on doing lots of writing, but then the writing didn’t go as fast as I had hoped. I also tried to get back into shape with weightlifting and running, but then I started feeling like crap. Not COVID (weekly rapid tests confirmed that), but I just wasn’t 100%, feeling light-headed and nauseous.

Oh, and then I was also lazy. Not creating and only consuming. Watching a lot of TV and YouTube and movies. The work suffered and now I am here, trying to rebuild good habits and get back to work.

So that’s the news. Nothing crazy and nothing serious. Just got a little lost and hopefully I will get back on track soon.