Face the fear

Sharing is scary.

The scariest creative thing I’ve done recently was to share these daily blog posts and stories.

I was doing it without the safety net of my editor, the person that my writing partner and I trust will make our story—and by extension, us—look good.

But I couldn’t ask her to do it every day and I was too broke to hire anyone. I relied on Grammarly and ProWriting Aid, but some things slip through, no matter how many times I go through it.

But I showed up and the posts anyway, because I wanted to put myself out there and see what would happen.

Today is Day 101.

Readers aren’t busting the blog door down to read them, but it hasn’t stopped me. I never did it for them anyways—I did it for me. To share, to try, and to teach.

I’ve left the comments open through it all, hoping someone would respond. To tell me they hate it or love it or somewhere in-between. But nothing yet.

In the end, I believe, we have to risk looking stupid or embarrassing ourselves in order to pursue our goals.

People may not like what were up to, but we get to choose how to respond. To listen, to ignore them, and most importantly, to keep going, no matter what.

Sharing our writing is scary, but if we want to do it, we have to take the risk—even a small one every day.