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David Gane
David Gane
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In the article “A New Approach to Igniting and Sustaining Creativity”, Dr. Anne Paris says that recent studies suggest that ”we are helped along in the creative process by certain kinds of emotional support from others that help us to be at our best and to realize our full potentials.

A favorite definition of love of mine comes from A Road Less Travelled:

“The will to extend one’s self for the purpose of nurturing one’s own or another’s spiritual growth.” As I take the beginning steps in a new writing partnership, I feel like I am taking the first steps of this spiritual growth. On a daily basis, I invest trust, faith and hope into the partnership, I feeling my self extend.

We need to have healthy partnerships with our spouses, children, friends, writers, and fellow human beings. Or as my writing partner said so beautifully to me: ”We all need, at the very least, a lighthouse.”

As we accept our role as writers, I think we can extend ourselves further; I think we can be a mentor to other writers.

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