Pen and Paper

My favorite pen, a blue Bic Cristal ballpoint, can be purchased on Amazon in a box of 12 for $2.55. They fit nicely into the pocket, a bag, or a drawer. If you open up the whole box you can spread them around the house in various places to be found. When the ink is used up (or it dries out) you can toss that one away and pick up a new one.

If you are unable to find a pen in the house (and you feel a pencil just won’t work) and can’t afford to buy one, wander into your nearest hotel and take one of their complimentary pens. You can likely find similar pens in other local businesses.

My favorite thing about a pen is that you can pick it up and start using it immediately. No boot-up time that you find with other devices.

A Mead spiral bound 100 page notebook can be purchased on Amazon for $2.41. You can buy a couple for under $10.00.

They are a little bit bulkier, so they won’t fit into your back-pocket like a pen will. You can carry it easy enough though in your hand or in a bag. They are fairly rugged and durable and can handle coffee or water spilled on them. They do not overheat on your lap but folded over are stiff enough to be written on.

Although I mention the Amazon price, like the pen, they are very easy to find. What you must focus on is the paper. There must be a sufficient amount. I always prefer 120, with the ability to write on the front and back. They can be found, like the pen, in the stationary section of most local stores.

They can also be tossed away when used or kept in storage. They age well. They can be copy, pasted, cut, rearranged. All in all, very functional.

I suggest you pick up a couple of each for under $20.00.

So, now what is your excuse for not writing?

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