Practice Makes Better

It’s not a magic key but it definitely helps.

We may not get perfect with practice (and also, whose definition of perfect are we seeking). But we can get better.

I started writing every day on June 13. This post will be my 79th entry.

Not every post is perfect. And most days, I don't even submit on the day.

But I still do them.

I think they've become a little better, day by day. Not intentionally, but because I'm practicing it repeatedly, I improve.

Better yet, if I knew it was a lousy post previously, it doesn't matter. I'll be showing up the next day to do it again.

And if a post is too big of an idea, I can break it into something smaller and more manageable and share the other part another day. (Also, win-win because I don't have to worry about what the next post will be about.)

But the real benefit of writing every day has been that it's given me a more precise idea of what I'm writing about. I knew I wanted to write about writing, but each time I visit the question, "What am I writing about today?" I understand it better.

I'm not saying writing every day is a magical key. I don't have more readers, and money is not pouring in. But I enjoy showing up daily and sharing a brief part of myself. And every day, I think I'm getting better at doing it.