The In-Betweens

The past few weeks, I've been painting rooms in the house. As well, I did a small talk for my daughter's class on Monday and Ang and I have been revisiting some of our older work for a workshop. I also know the holidays are right around the corner and I need to get stuff done for that. And of course, we also released the print version of our book and we've been slowly preparing the story for the next book.

It's in these moments between things, when you are ramping down from one thing and ramping up other things, that it's easy to get distracted. Television and the internet are my worst enemies.

This is the time that I need to go back to the basics of to-do lists, timers, and schedules to get things done. It's important to know you have a toolbox of solutions on stand-by to help during these in-between times.