Weird Experiments

As writers, we're encouraged to develop author platforms, where we build our audience through a collection of social media and outreach. That was the original intention of this website and my newsletter, but lately it’s turned into my own weird little experiment—not at all what I think an author's platform should be.

It started with "Daily Marginalia" (previously called "David’s Daily Journal"), a project I picked up from Cory Doctorow to help share my curiosities. However, I think for most people these posts can be jarring.

Yet, doing Marginalia has helped grow out the weekly newsletter. Instead of a frenzied search for links every Sunday morning, it’s become an easy review of my previous posts, where I pick through the ideas and links I’ve already distilled.

This has also lead to a whole new project on the website called Atomic Notes. They aren’t public yet, but it's my process of connecting the dots between my ideas. I think of them as a series of reference pages that I can link to—a combination of Digital Gardens and Zettelkasten. I’m hoping over time, they’ll help offer a deeper and more enriching experience.